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Implant Retained Denture

Implant Retained Denture

 Eliminate loose dentures 

Millions of people around the world are missing enough teeth to require the use of a denture. Many of them struggle to keep their dentures secure, particularly in the lower jaw. If you have this problem, you already know about the embarrassment of slipping dentures, not being able to eat the foods that you love and the problems with denture adhesives. 

 Restore your confidence 

 Too many people who have conventional dentures don’t wear them for the simple fact that they don’t stay in place. Dental implants offer a way to keep dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence. 

The use of implant-supported dentures has been successful for hundreds of thousands of people. The number of patients treated continues to grow as word spreads about the effectiveness and long-term durability. In fact, dental implants are reported to have the highest success rate of any implantable surgical device. 

 Denture stabilization benefits 
  • restores proper chewing, allowing a better diet and improved health 
  • improves speech and confidence 
  • increases comfort with less irritation 
  • of gum tissue 
  • ends the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives 
  • often can utilize your existing denture 

minimally invasive procedure 

 What to expect

During the procedure, titanium implants are placed in the jaw. 

The procedure typically takes about an hour, and can be done under local anesthesia. Your existing denture is modified to sit comfortably over the implants during the healing phase. 

Discomfort from the procedure is usually minor. Your dentist can prescribe medication to alleviate pain and will suggest a modified diet during the initial healing phase. 

After the implants have healed, posts (or abutments) are connected to the implants and your denture is modified to snap onto the abutments. The denture will be secure but can easily be removed for cleaning. 

How to look after your implant retained denture

Cleaning consists of removing your denture at night and brushing around your implants. Brushing also stimulates blood flow and promotes healthy gum tissue. Follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions and maintain your dental hygiene to ensure the long-term success of your treatment. 

Are you a candidate

Every patient is different and patient results may vary. Only a trained clinician can choose the best treatment plan for you. Please book your consultation with us to explain the benefits and risks to determine if denture stabilization with implants is right for you.